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About Dr. Meyana Dekeitra

Dr. Meyana Dekeitra is an artist, musician, and scholar-practitioner.  She's designed this site and its contents to showcase her passions and talents and, hopefully, bring you joy.


Always creative,  Dr. Meyana began drawing as a young child after her father brought her a book with instructions on how to create cartoons.  From humble beginnings drawing popular children's cartoons, Dr. Meyana shared her pencil drawings with classmates, family,  and friends.  While in elementary school, her classmates would give her $.50 to give them drawings or craft their names in unique fonts with a #2 pencil on wide-ruled paper.

Continuing her creative explorations, Dr. Meyana expanded her artistic outlets and became proficient in music and dance.  She took her first piano lesson at four years old, and by the age of 15, she'd begun providing private lessons to children in her local neighborhood.  While attending Elizabeth Seton High School, she learned to play the trumpet and drums and became the first chair section leader of the concert band.  She also joined the varsity cheerleading squad, which equipped her with dancing skills she would later use in college. 

While pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), Dr. Meyana joined the STEPP (Students Towards Educational Progress and Philanthropy Team) and the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc (AKA). While in STEPP, she collaborated with teammates to construct and perform various levels of choreography. As a member of AKA, she was quickly asked to serve as the chapter's Step Mistress, which involved leading auditions, choreographing, teaching, and performing new routines, and coordinating the chapter's appearance at multiple functions.

Dr. Meyana with Self Portrait

After graduating from UMD, Dr. Meyana continued practicing art and scholarship.  In 2016, she began pursuing her MBA and joined Xtra Productions Dance Company.  In 2017, she began writing spoken word and performed her first project, "That Feeling," in front of multiple audiences in small and in corporate settings.  In 2018, she began painting, and in 2020, she entered her Doctor of Business Administration Program.


Later that year, she discovered her ability to incorporate her 2-D creations into her 3-D world through wearable, lifestyle, and household products.  Additionally, she felt the need to inspire and serve others with her God-given talents. This led to the birth of (also known as Creat1onsByMee).

Dr. Meyana hopes her commitment to providing quality, unique creations and top-notch customer service brings you inspiration and joy.  She also hopes that her educational and creative journeys reveal to you that anything is possible. The sky is the limit when art is Life(style).

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